Under the SEMOpx Rules, any Party to the Exchange Membership Agreement, the Exchange Committee itself, the Regulatory Authorities or SEMOpx may propose a modification to the SEMOpx Rules or the Procedures, in the form of Modification Proposal.

  • New Proposals emailed to ExchangeCommittee@semopx.com
  • Proposal reviewed by SEMOpx
    • If spurious or further information required then reject and advise proposer
    • If accepted as a New Proposal then refer this to the Exchange Committee with full details of initial assessment
  • The proposal will be added to the agenda for the next scheduled Exchange Committee Meeting
  • Committee Meeting – voting process observed
  • Recommendation Report developed by Exchange Committee in respect of each proposal and submitted for a Decision.
  • SEMOpx Rules – RA Decision
  • SEMOpx Procedures – SEMOpx Decision
  • Urgent Proposals
    • Additional meeting convened to discuss this

Please email ExchangeCommittee@semopx.com for any further information or assistance.

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