The SEMOpx Exchange Committee reviews proposed changes to the SEMOpx Rules and Operating Procedures.

Role of the Exchange Committee

The Exchange Committee promotes SEMOpx Rules and Procedures, and ensure they remain current and relevant. They consult with SEMOpx on changes to the Rules and Procedures. The committee meets at least twice each year, with the potential for additional meetings if desired by the committee or SEMOpx.


In order to faciliate market commencement there will be an Initial Exchange Committee. Please see Section E.1 of the SEMOpx Exchange Committee Operating Procedure for further information. Subsequent Exchange Committee Arrangements are contained within Section F and provide for an election process.


  • 2 year expiration
  • Retiring, removal, resignation
  • Expirations will be communicated externally with full details of Elections Process
  • 8 weeks prior to expiration SEMOpx will notify Members
  • Detailed communication provided by Exchange Committee Secretariat