On the 1st October 2021 SEMOpx celebrated its third year of operation, successfully providing trading services in the day-ahead and intraday timeframes to the Single Electricity Market.

In the last 12 months SEMOpx has facilitated the trading of over 49.8 TWh of electricity, with traded volumes increasing by 17% compared to our second year of operation. The total value of trades in the third year of operation reached €4.6 billion, up from €1.7 billion in the previous 12 months of operation. This increase is a result of higher energy prices being seen globally, with DAM prices averaging 92.4 €/MWh for the last 12 months compared to 36.4 €/MWh in the preceding 12 months.

During the last year SEMOpx welcomed an additional 6 members to the exchange taking the total active members to 60.

The latest statistics for the year October 2020 – September 2021 are available in the Ex-Ante Market Summary. We also regularly provide Quarterly Market Summary reports – see the latest summary here.

We look forward to our fourth year of operation and continuing to assist members in achieving their electricity trading objectives.