SEMOpx offers a competitive, simple fee structure to participate and trade on the exchange.

Fee structure

The following tables set out the fees for participating on the SEMOpx power exchange. All SEMOpx fees listed on this page are paid on a monthly basis.

Trading FeeCost (EUR)Cost (GBP)
Once off entry fee (new members) €5,000 £4,367
Annual subscription fee (members) €5,000 £4,367
Annual subscription fee (data service entities)* €3,500 £3,057
Variable trading fee Day-Ahead Markets (per MWh) €0.060 £0.052
Variable trading fee Intraday Markets (per MWh) €0.060 £0.052
Trade Recall fee (per request)** €2,500 £2,183

*Data service entities access the trading systems to obtain faster access published information and any real time trading information that is available, but do not trade in the ex-ante markets

**Trade Recalls relate to the functionality whereby a Member can request a continuous intraday trade to be cancelled after meeting certain criteria and within a specified timeframe of the trade being concluded.

The once off entry fee is charged on a pro-rata basis. The annual subscription fee covers access to the Day-Ahead Market, the Intraday Auction Market, and the Intraday Continuous Market. Included in the annual subscription fee is one user login for the M7 trading system (Intraday Continuous Market) and two user logins for the ETS trading system (Day-Ahead and Intraday Auctions).

Additional users

The SEMOpx fees for additional users are described below.

Additional User FeeCost (EUR)Cost (GBP)
M7 (per additional user login per year) €550 £480
ETS (per additional user login per year) €550 £480

Remit fees

The REMIT fees cover charges that ACER apply to SEMOpx annually based on the number of transactions reported for each Member. The REMIT fees are recovered from each Member based on a pass-through of the amount charged by ACER for that Member. Pass-through fees currently range from €1,000 to €4,000 dependent on the number of transactions submitted annually to ACER for the Member.

REMIT FeeCost (EUR)Cost (GBP)
ACER Annual REMIT Reporting Fee Pass-through costs Pass-through cost

Further information

Further information relating to fees and payment timelines can be found in the document below.