SEMOpx Auction: ETS Simulation Update

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24/05/2019 14:54

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27/06/2019 09:18

Dear Members,

Currently the ETS simulation environment available is production-like, however it does not offer you the possibility to test the new ETS features/bug corrections before it goes live in production.


Thus, in order to give you access to the new ETS improvements and to harmonize our simulation environments structure, we are providing you with two new simulation environments:

  • The first one (simulation 1) is similar to production, it will replace the current Simulation 3 that you are using.
  • The second one (simulation 2) includes the new improvements and changes before go live in production.

Please find below the 2 new simulation environments details:

  • Simulation 1 (Production-like):


Port: 4443

  • Simulation 2:


Port: 4443


In order to simplify access to these simulation environments, the following rules will apply to your login to the simulation accounts:

  • Your current production username starting with a T(stands for Test)  For example the current username TEXAMPLE-U01  will give you access to simulation 1 or 2
  • Your current production password

Please be advised that the Simulation 3 environment will be deactivated once the new Simulation 1 and 2 environments are available, a parallel run is not planned.


This migration will take place on Monday May 27th 2019.  Please note that this migration will happen simultaneously with the go live of the New ETS version 3.3.1 in simulation 2.


If you have any questions, or if you need some assistance post migration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A  breaking message will also be sent on this topic from ETS on Monday May 27th 2019.