SEMOpx: ETS 3.7.3 Release

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14/09/2023 13:32

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14/09/2023 13:36

Dear Market Member,

SEMOpx would like to advise the latest version of ETS 3.7.3 will go live on Wednesday, 25th October 2023 (first trading day).  The new ETS 3.7.3 client will be released into the Production environment following the maintenance window on Tuesday, 24th October 2023 as of 18:30 GMT until 23:30 GMT.

The new ETS client will be available via the Simulation 2 environment as of Wednesday, 4th October (first trading date) and the Simulation 1 environment as of Friday, 27th October.

Important information - Action Required

  • New ETS version 3.7.3 go-live on 25 October 2023, first Trading Date
  • ETS maintenance planned on 24 October 2023 as of 18:30 BST until 23:30 BST
  • New ETS features
  • API changes

          - API schema 3.4 not supported anymore, migration required to a higher schema

          - 3.7 schema:
          * More granular trading limit exposure data (per area / portfolio / order type)
          * REMIT Trading on Behalf optional attributes (Trading Capacity and Beneficiary)

  • For members using the Fixed version, the new version ETS 3.7.3 must be installed prior to the go-live

For members using the Up-gradable version, the new client will upgrade automatically to the latest ETS 3.7.3 version.  For members using the Fixed version, the new version ETS 3.7.3 must be downloaded and installed. We would strongly encourage all members to take advantage of the test environment prior to go live.

Further information can be found within the SEMOpx Information document here.  The updated ETS Client version 3.7.3,  ETS API Package,  ETS Client Guide 3.7.3 and the ETS Client Installation Guide 3.7.3 shall be communicated to all members by Friday 29th September.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us at should you require any further information.

Kind regards, 

SEMOpx Team