SEMOpx Procedural Update - Information Notice

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17/07/2023 14:47

Last Updated
17/07/2023 14:49

Dear Member, 

SEMOpx would like to advise all members of 2 procedural updates relating to the SEM-GB (IDA1 and IDA2) markets, both of which are now in effect, with both changes outlined below:

  • Change 1: Introduction maximum and minimum price increase and decrease procedure
  • Change 2: New deadline and market message for the Cancellation of Local Intraday Auction after a full decoupling

Further details regarding both changes can be viewed within the SEMOpx Information Document here along with the updated market message content now visible within the SEMOpx Auction Timings, Communications and Market Messages document here

If you require any further information, please direct all queries to

Kind regards, 

SEMOpx Team