ETS Maintenance - Ad-hoc Maintenance (new ETS 3.6.8 - 28/03 Maintenance date for 29/03 First Trading date)

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28/03/2023 18:25

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28/03/2023 18:27

Dear Member,


Today, 28 March 2023, the ETS trading system will not be available due to the ETS 3.6.8 release maintenance work from approx. 18:40 BST until 23:30 BST.


The new client ETS 3.6.8 will be released into the Production environment during the maintenance on 28 March 2023 (first trading date 29 March 2023). 


We would like to inform that there will be a change in the certificate authority of the ETS client. This will ensure security is compliant with the latest standards and best practices. We are changing the ETS certificate policy from an internally signed one to public trusted one under GlobalSign.


During this timeframe, it will not be possible to connect to the ETS Trading System.


We kindly request you to also inform your colleagues about this.


Kind regards

SEMOpx Team