*Reminder* Scalable Complex Order Go-Live - 25th January 2023

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15/11/2022 11:08

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31/01/2023 20:46

Dear Participant,

SEMOpx would like to remind you the new Go-Live date has been confirmed as 25th January 2023.

For anyone wishing to re-test connection in advance of the Go-Live date, the SIMU2 environment is now available to facilitate this testing.

Please be aware that there are no additional updates required to any of the regulatory and technical changes listed below.

Kind regards, 

SEMOpx Team 


Original Message 25/11/2022 and Updates 17/01/2023;  

Dear Participant,

SEMOpx would like to advise that the Go-Live date of the Scalable Complex Order product has been confirmed as 30th November 2022, following the deployment of the upcoming ETS release, with the removal of the Classical Complex Order product taking effect. Please be aware that the SCO product will be available for usage during the IDA2 auction on operational date 30th November and all auctions thereafter.

Outlined below is a list of regulatory and technical changes related to the inclusion of the SCO product for your perusal, all of which will take effect from the Go-Live date:

ETS - The latest ETS release will take effect following the deployment on the evening of 29th November. For further details on the features of the new ETS client and API impacts, as well as information regarding the availability of the testing environments in advance of the Go-Live please refer to the communication issued on 6th October 2022 here, as well as the communication issued on 2nd November 2022 here which relates to ETS

Data Publication User Guide - The latest version of the DPUG (7.3) here will reference the SCO product in the following sections, replacing the CO product:

  • Market Results File: Area Information
  • ETS Bid File Structure
  • ETS Bid File : Portfolio - Area Section

This will be made available on the SEMOpx website on the Go-Live date. 

SEMOpx Operating Procedure - The SEMOpx Operating Procedure updates for Scalable Complex Orders (and the removal of references to Classical Complex Orders) will be made based on the approved modification SPX_02_22 Scalable Complex Orders to replace Complex Orders here. This modification is deemed part of the SEMOpx Operating Procedures from the Go-Live based on the Decision Letter here. The latest version of the SEMOpx Operating Procedure will be updated after Go-Live to incorporate the modification changes.

Submission on Behalf of Templates - updated Submission on Behalf of templates relating to the manual submission of Scalable Complex Order data will be made available on the SEMOpx website on the Go-Live date.

It is important to review the Scalable Complex Order Condition Control section within the recent ETS 3.6.5 information document here, as this relates to both valid and invalid ETS SCO condition submission combinations, as well as important information relating to Complex Order Submissions. 

If you have any queries in advance of the Go-Live of the Scalable Complex Order product, please submit all requests to info@semopx.com.

Kind regards, 

SEMOpx Team