SEMOpx ETS Breaking Messages Change 01 April 2022

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01/04/2022 13:06

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01/04/2022 13:14

Dear Members, 

As communicated in the Participant Call on Thursday, 30th March 2022, SEMOpx are planning to make changes to the distribution of ETS Breaking Messages with the discontinuation of the market messages only such as maintenance messages and issues with the auctions (e.g. delay in publication etc.). 

All market messages will be communicated to members via email only. The process of receiving market messages via email is already in production and members will be able to add more users who wish to receive these messages going forward. Please see the full communication here regarding the changes. 

Members are invited to provide any feedback, concerns or queries in relation to the above to by COB on Friday, 8th April 2022.


Kind regards,