Update: Notification of Intraday Price Cap Change from 15th December 2021

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18/11/2021 16:40

Last Updated
07/12/2021 13:42

Message update 07/12/21

As outlined in our below Market Messages the current Maximum Intraday Acution price threshold will be increased from €1,500 Eur/MWh to €3,000  Eur/MWh from calendar day Wednesday, 15th December 2021.

This change will impact the technical bidding limit for Euro Orders (ROI IDA2, ROI IDA3 and ROI IDA1) in ETS. 

All the orders placed for ROI IDA2, ROI IDA3 and ROI IDA1 prior to the maintenance for Trading Dates 15/12/2021 and after will be deleted automatically in ETS. We kindly ask you check your orders and place them again after the maintenance.

The change will NOT impact the technical bidding limit for GBP Orders (NI IDA2, NI IDA3 and NI IDA1) in ETS and this limit will remain at £4,500.

There is NO change to the Minimum Intraday Auction Price of -€150 Eur/MWh.

We kindly request you to also inform your colleagues about this and contact us on our hotline (option 1) for any questions you may have.

Kind regards,

Message update 01/12/21 

Dear Member, 

Following from the notification regarding the change to the IntraDay Price Cap that is taking effect from 15th December, it must be highlighted that ALL (ROI) orders that were submitted in advance of the maintenance window of 14th December will be automatically deleted. Therefore members are required to re-submit orders taking into account the new max price of €3,000. 

Therefore members submitting ROI orders for the IDA2 Trade Date 15th December will need to resubmit their order data after the maintenance window completes and before the IDA2 gate closure time of 08:00. 

Kind Regards


Original Market Message 18/11/21 

Dear Member, 

SEMOpx can confirm that a change in Intraday price cap from €1,500 to €3,000 will be implemented from calendar day 15th December 2021.

This is based on the approval of modification SPX_03_21 v2 “Updates to SEMOpx Operating Procedures as a result of an increase in the Maximum Intraday Auction Price” which was formally approved by the Exchange Committee on the 11th November 2021, and confirmation of the related implementation arrangements with members in the Special Topic Meeting held on the 18th November 2021.

Please note: that if impacted members do not make the necessary changes in their order submission files the orders will be rejected from the 15th December 2021.

Further details on the background, changes needed to member order submissions, details on the availability of the testing environment, and details of the implementation arrangements, are provided here and in a previous market message.  

The key details of the change are summarised below:

  • The change in Intraday price cap will apply to IDA1, IDA2, and IDA3
  • EUR orders are impacted (with the price cap increasing from €1,500 to €3,000)
  • NI orders are NOT impacted (due to bidding limit currently higher than €3,000)
  • There is no change in minimum Intraday price (remains at -€150)
  • Sample XML files and API update information contained in slide 4 (of the slide pack)
  • The changes can be viewed and tested in ETS SIMU2 from today (environment details contained in slide 5 of the slide pack)
  • The price change will be applied from calendar date 15th December.

If you have any questions on this change please contact info@semopx.com.

Kind Regards