SEMOpx Auction Timings, Communications and Market Messages

Affected Period
Since 01/01/2021



Run type

27/01/2021 10:06

Last Updated
27/01/2021 16:15

Dear Member, 

Since 1st January 2021 the SEM Day-Ahead Market (DAM) has been run as a local auction without EU/GB interconnection.

However the DAM auction itself continues to be operated under the co-ordinated processing of day-ahead auctions across Europe. 

While DAM auction market messages continue to be provided as part of the co-ordinated day-ahead auction processes, given that the SEM is now a local auction, SEMOpx have made updates to the explanatory notes in the document “SEMOpx Auction Timings, Communications and Market Messages”.  

These updates aim to provide members with a better understanding of the relevance and implications of the market messages to the SEM DAM local auction.

Kind regards,