SEMOpx Continuous: M7 Maintenance Window - v6.10 Go-live

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26/11/2020 08:13

Last Updated
08/12/2020 13:47

Message Update 08/12/2020: 

Reminder of today's M7 Maintenance from approx. 19:40 to 00:30 CET (18:40 to 23:30 GMT). 

With the upcoming release of M7 today, 8th December 2020, members are required to upgrade to the most recent version of ComTrader 6.10.  

Please find below the link to the new version:

Original Message 26/11/2020:

Dear Member, 

On Tuesday, 8th December 2020, there will be a M7 maintenance window from approx. 19:40 to 00:30 CET (18:40 to 23:30 GMT). 

This maintenance is related to:

- New version release 6.10 

We kindly ask you to log out from the old ComTrader version before the maintenance starts, and reconnect to the new ComTrader version once it is finished. 

Please inform your colleagues about this maintenance, and contact us on our hotline (option 2) for any questions you may have.