SEMOpx ETS 3.5.5 Simulation 1 Environment Updates

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23/06/2022 17:15

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23/06/2022 17:26

Dear Member,

SEMOpx would like to inform you about some updates regarding the Simulation 1 environment. There will be a new ETS client version 3.5.5 released in the Simulation 1 environment as of Friday, 24 June 2022 (first auction day).

Members using a fixed client or a different client other than version 3.5.3 must download 3.5.5 and install it.

The new ETS client 3.5.5 and ETS trader client guide are now available for download at the SEMOpx website (link here).

The ETS API 3.5.5 package can also be found on the SEMOpx website (link here).

Please note that SIMU2 will not be available for testing until end of July 2022. 

For the full communication, including connection settings, please see link here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at should you have any queries in regards to the above information.

Kind regards,

SEMOpx Team