SEMOpx ETS 3.5.3 Production and Simulation Updates

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20/05/2022 10:37

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20/05/2022 10:38

Dear Member,

SEMOpx would like to inform you about some upcoming updates to the ETS 3.5.3 Production and Simulation environments*, as per below:

  • Connection Settings Updates for ETS Client Users
  • ETS API Upcoming Versions – Old TLS Decommission
  • Cipher Suites Decommission

For each of the updates above, the following effective dates are applicable:

  • Production environment effective for: 15th June 2022 (first auction day)
  • Simulation 1 environment effective for 16th June 2022 (first auction day)
  • Simulation 2* environment effective for: 1st June 2022 (first auction day)

In preparation of the Cipher Suite decommissioning, SEMOpx would like to invite members to perform a connectivity test on SIMU2* as of 1st June 2022 to ensure their API application is compatible with this change.

*Note: SIMU2 will be updating to ETS Client v3.6.2 and API v3.6.1 on 1st June 2022. For the full communication and details on the updates, please see link here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at should you have any queries in regards to the above information.

Kind regards,

SEMOpx Team