GM7-1 | New Ex Officio investigation M7 market message

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16/02/2022 11:34

Last Updated
16/02/2022 11:34

Dear Member, 

The below market message is for informational purposes only (relating to messages that will be visible in ComTrader or API) but will not impact SEMOpx members.

We are pleased to inform you about a new notification you will receive through M7 public messages (both ComTrader and API) about the start and conclusion of an ex officio (trade cancellation) investigation.

You will receive a message once investigation of certain trades commences, please find here an example:

  • "Ex Officio request for contract 15H2 price 999 EUR ongoing"

Furthermore, you will also receive a message once investigation of aforementioned trades concludes, indicating whether the request was accepted or rejected, please find here the examples:

  • "Ex Officio investigation concluded, request rejected, affected parties are informed."
  • "Ex Officio investigation concluded, request accepted, affected parties are informed."

The notification procedure will allow you to be aware of the investigation as soon as it is initiated; for you to be well informed in due time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our hotlines.

Kind regards,