Updated SEMOpx Statement of Charges

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10/02/2021 09:59

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10/02/2021 11:05

SEMOpx are today publishing an updated Statement of Charges based on two new fees that have been approved by the Regulatory Authorities. 

These fees are:

-        Trade Recall Fee: Fee to apply where a member requests a trade recall via the M7 continuous trading system. This fee will apply to all trade recalls from the 15th March 2021.

-        REMIT Reporting Fee: This is a pass-through fee for the ACER costs associated with ACER’s collection, handling, processing and analysing the information that market participants report.

Please note the REMIT fees for 2021 are planned to be invoiced the start of July 2021, after successful implementation of the relevant invoice system changes. 

The REMIT fee will appear on a separate SEMOpx Fee Invoice to the existing monthly invoices as the invoice will be VAT exempt based on the relevant EU regulation. Similar to the monthly SEMOpx fee invoices the REMIT fee invoices will be issued and payments collected by ECC on SEMOpx’s behalf. 

Further details can be found in the updated Statement of Charges.  

Feel free to contact us on info@semopx.com if you have any questions.

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