SEMOpx Intraday: M7 Maintenance (M7 6.8 Go Live) on 25/02/2020

Affected Period
25/02/2020 18:40 GMT - 21:30 GMT



Run type

18/02/2020 18:01

Last Updated
20/03/2020 10:28

M7 6.8 will Go-Live on 25th February 2020.

The M7 maintenance window, and corresponding M7 unavailability as follows:

Outage Timing:

  • 25th February 2020 // approx. 18:40 GMT - 21:30 GMT (19:40 - 22:30 CET)

Outage Purpose:

  • New M7 6.8 release
  • Over all system enhancement in terms of stability and performance
  • Self-trade labelling for SEMOpx continuous market
  • New mandatory ComTrader version 6.8.50 (login not permitted until GoLive)

Restart of Trading:

  • Approx. 21:30 GMT (22:30 CET)

We kindly ask you to log out from the old ComTrader version before the maintenance starts, and reconnect to new ComTrader version once it is finished.

Please inform your colleagues about this maintenance, and contact us with any questions you may have.