SEMOpx: ETS v.3.3.2 Go Live Update

Affected Period
First Trading Date 27 Nov 2019



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26/09/2019 16:32

Last Updated
13/01/2020 15:36

Update 25/11/2019

The go live date of ETS v3.3.2 is confirmed. The release will go ahead as planned tomorrow Tuesday 26/11/2019 for first trading date 27/11/2019. 

The upgrade is planned for Tuesday 26/11/2019 during the usual maintenance timings 18:40 GMT until 21:15 GMT.

During this timeframe it will not be possible to connect or submit orders in ETS. Restart of ETS trading platform is scheduled at approx. 21:15 GMT.

First trading date and auction for ETS V3.3.2 will be IDA2 on Wednesday 27/11/2019.

Production details remain:



SEMOpx Production

ETS version


As of 27 November: 3.3.2

ETS Server address port 443

API hostname

API port


API end point


API WSDL version


Supported API schemas: 2.10, 3.0, 3.2, 3.3.1

as of 27 November : 2.10, 3.0, 3.2, 3.3.2 (3.3.1 replaced by 3.3.2)


To retrieve the WSDL :


Note: X must be replaced by the relevant server number as of server number 2 : e.g.

For server number 1, no replacement is required: the address is:

For  members that still need to download the latest client version, the client is available at:

The client installation and trader client guides are also published:

If you require any further details please contact us

Update 05/11/2019

A reminder that Simulation 2 is available for ETS v3.3.2 testing today 05/11/2019. 

In response to some member queries, SEMOpx have published a revised ETS 3.3.2 release notice detailing the Trading Dates & Delivery Dates for the respective Auctions and further notes in relation to the recommended testing.

There will be a second opportunity to participate in a member test next week Trading Day 13/11/2019.

If you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact us.

Update 11/10/2019

SEMOpx have published ETS Client v3.3.202,

accompanied by the ETS Client Trader Guide for v3.3.202.

Please be advised that the ETS Simulation 2 environment will be in maintenance between approximately 14:00 and 15:30 (CET) on  14 October 2019, to facilitate the upgrade of Simulation 2 to ETS v3.3.2.

Please share this information with your IT team or vendors to enable preparation for the member tests of ETS V3.2.2 on 5 November and 13 November 2019.

Update 10/10/2019

SEMOpx have published an updated Information Notice regarding the release of ETS V.3.3.2, to include:

  • Clarity on the use of fixed versus upgradable ETS client
  • Availability and environment details for Simulation 2
  • Dates for member tests & auction timings

Should you have any questions on this information notice, please let us know.

If you require further information for this release, please contact us.

Update 02/10/2019

SEMOpx have published the draft Information Notice regarding the expected release of ETS V3.3.2 first Trading Day 27 November 2019

SEMOpx may issue a further update later this week,  if there are changes identified to the information communicated today.

Supporting files published to accompany the information notice:

If you require further information for this release, please contact us.

Original Message 26/09/2019

Dear Members,

Following on from the queries raised on the Participant call this morning, SEMOpx apologise for the continued delay in issuing the ETS v.3.3.2 briefing note, we are waiting for final confirmation of all impacts and sample files.

Kind regards,

SEMOpx Team