TypeNameUploaded Amended CommentsStatus
XML Document XSD file M7 6.8 24/01/2020 24/01/2020
Portable Document Format (PDF) SEMOpx_M7-6.8-Release_API-Impacts 24/01/2020 24/01/2020 Information Notice to support on going Market Message in relation to the M7 6.8 release.
Portable Document Format (PDF) DFS180-M7-6.8-Public-Message-Interface-v-1.0-Members 24/01/2020 24/01/2020 This document describes the Public Message Interface that the (Continuous M7) backend system provides to its third party clients.
Portable Document Format (PDF) DFS200-M7-6.8-Messages-v1.0 23/01/2020 24/01/2020 This document describes all M7 messages and errors that are provided by the backend system. The major focus is set on the events that trigger a message or an error, message arguments and the corresponding visibility
Portable Document Format (PDF) MFG110-M7-6.8-Trader-Manual-ComTrader-v1.0 22/01/2020 22/01/2020
Portable Document Format (PDF) ComTrader-6.6-Setup-Guide 22/01/2020 22/01/2020
Portable Document Format (PDF) ComTrader-6.7-Setup-Guide-v1.0 22/01/2020 22/01/2020
XML Document SEMOpx REMIT Continuous December 2019 10/01/2020 28/02/2020 Remit CO Files 01/12 - 31/12
XML Document SEMOpx REMIT Continuous November 2019 20/12/2019 10/01/2020 SEMOpx Remit Continuous 01/11- 30/11
Portable Document Format (PDF) ROADMAP Nov 2019 17/12/2019 17/12/2019